Faeries vs Darklings: Arcane Edition


Fairies vs Darklings: Arcane Edition is a new and revamped version of the Faeries vs Darklings Facebook game, developed by Interama Games and previously published by Atari. This new version features the fun and enjoyable mix of Match-3 and Combat gameplay from the classic version, enhanced with a plethora of new features to add a new layer of strategy and depth to the game. Travel to the fantasy land of Titania, a world thriving with magic and peace... Until, from within its very heart, the seed of corruption started to grow and darkness threatened to enshroud all of its islands and their inhabitants in ruin and desolation. As a young wizard of pure heart and brave disposition, you shall yield the magical powers of the very land itself by matching gemstones and using the mana harvested from within them to summon a variety of magical Fairies, spirits of Virtue that will aid you in your battle against the malicious and vile Darklings.

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