Here you will find a collection of fun projects we've worked on. Learn a bit about our legacy, enjoy!


We create fun in every level. We develop games, applications and interactive solutions with the purpose of motivating through entertainment.
We have a very flexible production pipeline and the quality of our titles is recognized nationally and internationally. We also offer our services as developers to third parties, working on demand to create apps, advergames, educational softwares, among others, always focusing on bringing the best results to our clients.

What do we make?


We offer our expertise on the development of 2D and 3D games for Facebook, iPhone/iPad, PC/Mac, Android and Web.


A more effective and entertaining form of business communication, an immersive way of connecting brand and audience.

Educational Softwares

Used to turn game elements into educational tools. This method can be employed in school education and enterprise training programs alike.

Games for Events

We also develop custom games to be used in fairs and events for promotion of brands, products, organizations and ideas.


Through our software, we aim to bring game-related concepts to people's everyday lives, always focusing on making applications that are interesting, easy to learn and fun to use. We develop apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Web.


This is us and we are Interama!


These are some of the companies that discovered fun as a solution.


Some of our fellow adventurers!


Some of the awards won by our projects.

Award earned in the first edition of the contest for the game Incorporated.

Award earned in the second edition of the contest for the game Lex Venture

Entrepreneurship Award for the game Lex Venture

Best Story Award earned in Russia for the game Lex Venture

Award earned in the third edition of the contest for the game Esther.

Best Gameplay Award for the game Faeries vs Darklings.


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